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27, New York

From Houston, I live in NY. I don’t miss anything about Houston. Model with Re:quest management.  I didn’t want to be a model because I didn’t also want to be a hooker. But I was homeless in New york and like, ‘Alright, either I’m going to get paid to be a piece of meat, or I’m not going to be paid to be a piece of meat.’ Sometimes I feel guilty, like I’m living somebody else’s dream, because I never gave a shit about being a fashion symbol. But…life is good
I got my first one when I was 18 it was ‘Houston Texas’ cuz  I knew I would never be there again. A lot of them are handmade, just impulse and boredom and I just started tattooing myself in my living room. That’s how I end up with a chickens foot on my hand and 3D. A lot of them mean something personal or whatever, but you gotta have fucked up stupid ones. Can’t take everything seriously. Even if it is permanent
Destroy your own clothes and then put them back on. Burn your stuff in a fire and then wear it
I smoke cigarettes, which is fucking retarded, because they don’t even do anything cool to you except murder you. Lame
Mexico, I lived on a boat for a year in Mexico. Things, Please. Stuff is here, then it’s gone. There are a few special things, but they were gifts from friends and loved ones, or good secret finds or whatever. For the most part, burn it all
Just generally putting it, walking around a lot. If I wasn’t modeling? Something really pointless probably. As if modeling isn’t pointless, but whatever. That’s complaining about a great life, so I won’t. I bet my life would still be pretty tight. I’m usually into keeping my shit fun regardless.  Maybe work with kids, I like kids, kids are dope
1. Everything I already have 2. Everything I want 3. All my friends 4. Lots of music 5. Everybody happy
Marc Jacobs S/S14, En Noir S/S14, Public School S/S14, All saints S/S14, MMM S/S14, and bunch of other shit.

I’m really into the current NY art scene and collecting art, a lot of my friends are artists and we are kid of recreating the whole Andy Warhol scene. A blooming interest is to curate art. Few of my friends are established artist and we already talked about maybe holding an exhibition sometime in the future