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Tattoo Artist

35 years old, Newark, New Jersey

I am a model @ Red Model Management NYC and a DJ. I was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and I live in Brooklyn right now, off the L in East Williamsburg Bushwick. I’m also interested in design. A friend of mine from here wants to back me up for my own clothing line. Acting is another interest of mine since I did the Lana del Rey videos.

Um… Honestly, when I first started – low self-esteem. And then all of my role models are hardcore bands, so I was listening to bands like Converge, Suicide File and all these kids are covered in tattoos. Just like the lifestyle I live, I used to be straightedge and vegan; it just kinda goes hand-in-hand with the whole trend and scene.

I don’t really know, they are just tattoos. They’re cool – I don’t really have a lot to say about it. It sets me apart from everyone else.


Just live your life


Hip hop. ASAP Rocky, Spaceghost Purp, Kendrick Lamar, Danny Brown, Schoolboy Q, Kanye West. House : Dirty South, Axwell, Avicii, …


Travel is awesome. I really like Paris, I feel like it’s a little too bourgeois for me. I’ve been to Milan, Paris, Barcelona is really nice, LA. Design. Acting is another interest of mine since I did the Lana video.


Bad ass guitarist and part time coffee enthusiast


Play cards, YouTube video’s


Williamsburg NY, in a lil rinky dink shop called stars lined. It was just a good place to learn cuz I wasnt that good.


Traditional black/grey tattoos. I took a stint over in LA and really got into south central black/grey. I learned fro some of the best over there and thats my speciality. I really can do it all though


Just make sure they person knows what they want and how it will look on them. I try to sit there and take some time to build with them. Not just take a flash and boom boom boom next!


Really just the culture, people want an additional way to express themselves. Like talk while they walking down the street and they dont have to speak to anyone. Idk but thats how I feel about it. Just make dope shit.


I draw alot when I have the time, and when I do most of it i scrap because I just have a good memory and I incorporate pieces of the stuff I did into tattoos I do. Sometimes I take a whole piece and offer it to a repeat client or someone I have a history with that knows whatever I do it dope to the 10th degree. Not some college girl coming in asking for hello kitty on her ass cheek.


I’m not one of those  multi-faceted artists that try to bridge the gap and cross into other fields. I draw for myself. Oh and I draw skate decks for DC collection. A lil side gig lol.

My DJ name is Defff, check out my Tumblr

I should be DJing at Whip, Electric Room, GunBar, Marquee, private parties and events, raves and every Sunday night at Southside . I also acted in both Lana del Rey’s vidéos « Born to Die » + « Blue Jeans », more on