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About Us

Tattoos tell stories of triumph, laughter, heartbreak, and all that is between. Those who choose to use their bodies as canvas wish to reveal something personal, remind themselves daily of something intimate and use tattoos as that medium. This artistic practice may seem contemporary, however it traces back to centuries of traditions as cultural symbols among various tribal groups. Tattoos were used to show social status and identify accomplishments and crimes. More recently, bodily inscription is associated with punk, biker, hip-hop and other alternative cultures. However, through the progression of social movement, tattoos crossed social and class boundaries and it now common amongst the everyday man or woman as art and personal expression. The modern tattooed person wishes to reinvent and redefine, they choose to open up to the world, widen their horizons, and speak loudly without saying a word.

Tattoos are walking art, so much more than just ink carved into the skin. The artistry that goes behind each masterpiece takes the same thought and precision as if it were any other channel. Those who choose to get tattoos make the life-long commitment to wearing them. They choose to share their life stories and it is the artists that bring these stories to life. It takes strong dedication and true self-expression to share loves, sorrows, adventures, and milestones on the body. Tattoos go beyond the ink and needle that contrived from.  The abstract images, portraits, and detailed designs all over the body, strategically, meaningfully, and at times regretfully placed. If you listen to each personal, unique story, you will find that no two autobiographies are the same.

The internet is the most effective tool for finding, interacting, and collaborating off all types in modern times. Almost everything we do now is social or networked. From sharing our most intimate events in our lives to sharing almost infinite knowledge and advice. Every generation from here on will be social; whether its communicating largely through Twitter, updating friends on Facebook, sharing pictures on Instagram, videos on Vimeo. KarVv looks beyond being a gallery of modern art, but to bring the well-known pastime of tattooing up to date. Allowing all the tattooed to share their stories like the rest of the social zeitgeist.

What we do



See the best tattoos from people all around the globe

Tattoo culture has evolved with artists pushing the envelope on an almost limitless dynamic medium. See these tattoos from people of all walks of life



Hear the words that are behind the remarkable art.

Everyones tattoo is unique regardless if its a flash  photo pulled off of a parlor wall or a ten year life telling sleeve done by a single artist. Hear the good, bad, and ugly behind their works of art



See the different styles and inspirations of tattoos

See the creative process from both ends artist and customer. Their Sources of inspiration, vision, & creation. Their mission of taking a moment or feeling and translating it with this medium



Features on artists and parlors from across the globe.

Whether you’re looking for artist in your area, one that specializes in a specific style you want, or just browsing to get an idea of what is high quality tattoo artists. We display them here on the site for all to see.



Your favorite celebrities on their personal tattoo stories

Have you ever wondered what was the meaning behind one of your favorite entertainers or sports players tattoos. We have features with them explaining their tattoos and the meanings behind them.



Learn from those with experience

You’re an aspiring tattoo artist? drawer? Looking to get a tattoo and unsure about specifics? Here you can get unfiltered first hand experiences from people who live and breath the tattoo culture.